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Where will these PMG Telecom Rotary Dial Phones work?

Where will these PMG/Telecom Rotary Dial Phones work?

Anywhere in Australia on a standard telephone line. They may need an adaptor if you have RJ45 plugs (adaptors are here). They will not work on any digital line - e.g. digital PABX. They may or may not work as a VOIP phone on a router like the NBN. Some NBN routers like Fritzbox will owrk, others may not. If you cannot dial out on your NBN router you may need a Decadic to DTMF converter like Dialgizmo. The Router has to support decadic dialling at least, but this may not be enough.

All of the refurbished retro rotary dial phones and some (but not all) of the pushbutton phones dial Decadic, more info here.

They work fine on the same line as Broadband ADSL and ADSL 2+ (in fact they work better than modern phones) , infomation on ADSL and retro phones here

In the USA, on any standard Telephone line. We have shipped many of these phones to the USA. (you will need an adaptor here)

They will not work in New Zealand (different decadic dialling).  They will work in the UK but they need special adaptors/wiring.

Anywhere else in the world that has their phone system based on US standards.

If you have a standard 610 Telecom/Telstra socket like this , the Australian Retro Rotary Dial phones will plug straight in:

telstra phone socket

If you have an RJ -12 wall plate like this you will need an adaptor (adaptors are here):

telstra phone socket


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