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Using Australian Rotary Dial Phones in the USA

Will these Telecom PMG Phones work in the USA?

We have shipped 30+ of these PMG Telecom rotary dial telephones to the USA. If you have a standard telephone line they will work. If you currently have a working USA Rotary dial phone - they will work (they are very similar to the Bell rotary dial phones)

You must be able to get decadic dial tone on your phone line (the vast majority are). They will not work on digital lines (for example on a digital PBX).

They may work on a VOIP line on router, but its not a sure thing.

You need an adaptor to connect to exisiting USA phone line (you will need an adaptor here) , otherwise you will have to rewire the cord.

USA phone adaptor PMG Telecom



We ship these to the USA via Economy Air, which costs around A$ 35 (about US$ 23 depending on the exchange rate) . The phones have not in the past raised any issues with US customs.

shipping time is usually 2-3 weeks to the US




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