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Will these PMG/Telecom Rotary Dial Phones work on the NBN?

A1960s and 1970s 802 PMG/Telecom Rotary dial handsets can work on Australias NBN (National Broadband Network). Telephones are connected to the NBN via the VOIP port of the router. Depending on the Router brand it is possible to connect a 802 rotary dial phone to the router. For example the Tplink archer vr1600v v2 can have an 802 Rotary dial decadic telephone connected to the VOIP port of the router. It can receive incoming calls and will ring on incoming calls. However the archer vr1600v v2 will not allow dialling out decadic , so to do this you need a Decadic to DTMF converter like Dialgizmo. Some models of the Fritzbox! router will allow 802 phones to be connected and will ring and dial out decadic.

To connect to the VOIP port of your router you will probably need an adaptor like this:

telstra phone socket

and an RJ12 cable. You can get the adaptor here and you can get cables here



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