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Retro Rotary Dial Phone Video

1979 Telecom Australia STD Ad (featuring a rotary dial telephone)

A 1988 commerical for OTC - then the organisation handling international telephone calls from Australia. Features many phones including a Touchfone.

1983 Telecom Australia Ad featuring the first 'S' series Commander Telephone with the new 'push button' simplicity. At this time the vast majority of business telephones would have been rotary dial telephones

1985 Telecom Australia Ad for Telecom Viatel - an early version of the Internet. The Viatel system used a central computer (a server) to store information and act as a gateway to other services. The network was not very successful. More information here

Telecom information video for the first mobile phone service in the 1980s

1980s Telecom Australia ad about the S series Siemens Commander telephone system

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