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The difference between refurbished and new plastic shells in PMG Telecom Dial Phones

What are the differences between Reburbished Retro Rotary Dial PMG / Telecom phones with NEW Plastic shells and Refurbished shells?

The two types of phones are identical except for the Plastic Phone shell. When Telecom in the 1980s refurbished these phones some where replaced with Brand New plastic shells and some had the shells refurbished.

The shells were refurbished by being buffed.

The buffed shells have some spots that were hard to get with the buffer. These spots show the wear of the phone handset rubbing against the plastic shell.

Here is an example:

acf green pmg phone

The areas marked show wear that the person buffing the shell was not able to get out.

Other than that they are identical. Refurbished phones with refurbished electronics, cords and handpieces.

Note that even the new plastic shells do have rub marks from being stored in the box.


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