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I bought a Rotary Dial Phone somewhere else but it does not work?

We get emails from people with this problem almost every other day. People buy a Rotary dial phone - usually on eBay, and when they get it - it does not work properly. The phone does not ring, or it has bad transmission, or it has broken parts. People often buy from eBay sellers who have no idea about rotary dial telephones, and make claims like " I cannot connect it to a phone line, but I am sure it works properly"

All we can say is buyer beware!

We do not repair phones. We refurbish telephones so they work perfectly, and you have nothing to worry about when you purchase them from us.

If you have any more eBay experiences of dodgy eBay sellers contact us here and we will put them up.


Some emails:

hi,,,i don't know if anyone here can help me or not but I have purchaced a telecom wall dial phone off ebay proberly the 70s or early 80s model... this phone has no lead and no directions on how or where to connect the 2 wires (white and blue) into the phone ........thankyou and I hope someone can help

hi, I have bought a retro telephone recently from e-bay and unfortunately the bell will not ring sound? Is there anything I can do? .

Hi i have recently purchased a 800 series rotary dial telephone off of the internet only to realise it doesn't ring. i've read that sometimes is the coil in the phones brackets have broken. i've opened it up and that's not the case. it does everything else (dial tones, answers and so forth) just doesn't ring. is their advice you could give me to fix this or put me in contact with someone that could fix it?

Hi there, I have recently acquired an old Telecom rotary 802 phone, and I'm wondering if you might possibly be able to help with getting it to ring for incoming calls.

We bought a phone at an antique shop .When we plugged it in at home, with a new wall connection type and an adaptor, the ringer doesn't work. The phone functions and we can dial and receive calls, but can't get the ringer to sound.


Here is an example of three Green phones. The phones on the left and the right were bought on eBay, the one in the middle is a green phone sold by

ebay phones versus our phones

Here are some eBay listings - showing some of the things eBay sellers don't tell you:

ebay seller rip-offs

The "Mint" Retro dial phone - with so many obvious faults - what else are they not telling you!

ebay red phone

ebay red phone


Yes they want more than one hundred dollars for this poor example of a telephone!


ebay red phone


Yet another example of an eBay phone in "Really Good Condition" - what do they look like when they are in bad condition!

ebay red phone


ebay red phone


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