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Vintage phones

We started selling refurbised Telephones in 2007 as . Since then we have sold hundreds of phones throughout Australia and to the USA, and other countries. We changed our website to in Dec 2012.

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You can contact us here with any queries. We do not do repairs of telephones, however we do sell some parts here


Visit our page of Retro Rotary Dial Telephone videos - including old Telecom TV Ads

Our History of Australian Telephone Exchanges

and the history of the telephone in Australia

telephones in australia

800 series telephones

Common RJ12 connections

Telecom 605 plug

Early Transmitters

Emile Berliner

The History of the Telephone Handset

Johann Philipp Reis

800 Series Telephone

History of the Candlestick Telephone

More infomation on Vintage Phones






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