Alfred Graham & Co, Britain - maker of a number of unusual marine telephones

Australian Post Office and PMG - Australia's battle to provide telephones against "the tyranny of distance"

Automatic Electric - manufacturer of the Strowger system

Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company - Bell and Western Electric in Europe

Bell Telephone Manufacturing Company of Antwerp, Belgium - a fuller history of this innovative company, covering more than 100 years under a number of owners.

Berliner Telephone Company - Emile Berliner's short-lived company produced two interesting transmitters

British Insulated & Helsby - Grew from small beginnings to one of the world's largest companies.

Canadian / American Machine Telephone - The Lorimer Brothers

Dictograph -- most collectors have one, but where did they come from?

Elektrisk Bureau - aka Kristiana. Norway's producer of some beautiful and elaborate telephones.

Ericsson Britain

Ericsson Sweden

Ericsson U.S.A. - a short-lived attempt to crack the U.S. market.

Federal Telephone and Telegraph (United States)

GEC Britain - the rise and fall of one of Britain's biggest companies

Gower Bell - a brief but useful career


KTAS - Denmark's small but useful local company

National Telephone Company - The Bell company that led the way in Britain.

Peel-Conner Telephone Works Ltd

Phonopore - a successful railway telephone from the 1880s.

Siemens & Halske - One of the first, and still going strong.

Societe des Telephones Ericsson Ericssons in France

Standard Telephones & Cables (Australasia)

Sterling Telephone & Electric (Britain)

Stromberg Carlson (United States)

TMC - Britain's Telephone Manufacturing Company. Never big, but useful.

Telecom Australia - modernising a telephone system despite the huge distances involved.

Western Electric