Ericsson Transfers and Logos

This is not a comprehensive range, but shows some of the varieties collectors may find. They may help to give an approximate date for a phone, but reproductions are readily available and may not be applied to the correct models.


Fig 1: 1894 Stockholm logo. Used to about 1902. Dark blue background in centre, skeletal phone and other decoration in gold.

Fig 2: Gold “Sunburst” transfer from the late 1890s and also used on phones produced in some other countries. There are different versions of the company name.

Fig 3: Buffalo, U.S.A. Note the stylised cradle. 1907 - 1918, with minor variations over the years. Usually gold on a black background.

Fig 4: Used on large wall sets such as the Commonwealth Ericsson. Introduced about 1904. Gold on transparent background.

Fig 5: The “Standard of the World” logo was used on some products from the U.S. factory in Buffalo. It will also be seen stamped into some metal fittings. 1907 - 1918

Fig 6: Turkish phones have the LME sunburst transfer in red and gold with a star and crescent around the phone. Approx 1920s.

Fig 7: Beeston, from 1912. Dark blue and gold.

Fig 8: Beeston, from 1926.

Fig 9: Beeston, 1950s

Fig 10: Swedish logo used on most products from around 1950 (?).

Fig. 11: Deckert & Homolka, Vienna, around 1910.

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