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1. Bell Telephones

This section includes phones from both the Bell and Western Electric periods.














Left: 1882 model 3 Box wall phone with Blake transmitter, as used by the National Telephone Company in Britain

High-res picture available.


Centre: Updated with Hunnings transmitter, as used by KTAS.

Right: "Long Distance" phone with wider battery box for extra cells.

Far Right: 3-Box Long Distance phone updated with Hunnings transmitter mounted in the Blake transmitter box.













Left: "Turret" or "Swivel" desk phone

Centre: Top box of wall phone mounted on a plinth so it can be used as a desk phone.

Right: Miniature desk phone made for KTAS in Denmark.










Variations to the "Turret" phone:

L to R:

1. Hunnings transmitter

2. Solid Back transmitter

3. Side handset conversion for the National Telephone Company

4. Delville transmitter

5. Ericsson refurbishment with Ericsson transmitter and top bells, for KTAS Denmark.
















Left: This CB model was used by the National Telephone Company of Britain and later by the British Post Office. The earliest patent date noted is 1890.

Centre: Western Electric Model 265, a shortened version. Also used by the National and the BPO.

Right: "Golf Ball" candlestick phone, again used by the National and the BPO.











Known to collectors as the "Eiffel Tower", this was BTMC's and Western Electric's first handset phone. It was widely exported, but never made it to the U.S.A. It continued in the catalogues of British Western Electric until the 1920s. The model on the right is a Russian version, with a rounded cover over the generator.












Left: Steel cased magneto telephone. This was a WE BTMC design that was continued in production by Standard Electric under license.

Right: Small steel CB or auto desk set that replaced it, also a WE BTMC design. There are many variations to the basic style, depending on which factory in which country built it. The unusual drooping handset is common.










This phone is listed in a BTMC brochure as 1930, but the handset appears much earlier on French phones from 1924. Since the Western Electric E1 handset was not issued until 1927, it is possible that this is the forerunner of the American handset.











In 1932 BTMC was given the job of designing a new bakelite telephone for production by all Standard Electric factories. The STC 4001-C (left) and 4004-B (centre) were the result. They used a common baseplate for simplicity and economy of design, and could be fitted with a local choice of dial. The phones were made in Belgium, Britain, Czechoslavakia, Italy, Hungary, South America and probably other Standard Electric factories. They were available in Belgium in 16 colors, possibly painted over the basic black shell. The phone on the right is the No 2724, the British version. It has a standard British dial and retains the older handset. It was used on PAXs.










This phone was made between 1956 and 1966. It had a pressed copper shell and a large brass carrying handle (folded down at the front in this picture). Unfortunately they are often polished back to the copper by antique dealers, which destroys their value.

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